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We offer specialised vehicles targeted towards the transport, logistics or distribution companies and commercial fleet owners in the UAE. 

Our team of experts bag years of experience in dealing with specialised vehicles both in the UAE. We provide our customers with long-term lease vehicles. 

To establish business relationships with our clients, we provide them with quality value-added solutions for their fleet requirements in order to deliver sustainable growth through the following:

    • Consultative sales approach 
    • Innovative fleet solutions
    • Increased productivity and efficiency
    • Cost effectivity
    • Scalable solutions
    • Hassle-free administrative procedures
    • Excellence and integrity 

    In addition to this, we also provide expert advice in logistics, transportation, distribution, and supply chain management, and provide transport solutions for any category of transportation. 

    Contact - Thrifty DXB

    Mr. Ramesh Thalasseril

    Tel: +971 529772304

    Email: [email protected]

    Contact - Thrifty AUH

    Hussam Ismail Khbazeh

    Tel: +971 28130261

    Mob: 0529779552

    Email: [email protected]